IGA Interprofessionelle Gewerkschaft der Arbeiter*innen

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We advise you on legal issues in the areas of work, unemployment and social security.
We support you in your company if you want to defend yourself against unfair conditions, for example

We are committed to improving working and living conditions

We defend the interests of wage earners
We are clearly partisan, because we always side with the wage earners!

The IGA is the trade union for precarious workers, those who work temporarily, on an interim basis, on call and in several part-time jobs at the same time. The job seekers, those who have been excluded, those with reduced pensions, those who are on the subsistence level, the self-employed, bogus self-employed, undocumented workers - and of course all those who still have a permanent job.

Kleinhüningeranlage 3
4057 Basel
Phone: 0616819291
Opening hours: Mo, Di und Do 14-17 Beratung