Zeitloses Wohnzimmer

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The timeless living-room is a queerfeminist space at SP!T, open for all people who want to get together and have a conversation about our struggles and dreams, without the pressure of meetings and demonstrations. We want to chill together, get to know each other, chat, read or plan events.

Queerfeminism is meant for everyone and if it's new for you or you haven't been in touch with movements, you're all the more welcome. We value error-friendliness, mutual respect and to treat each other free from discrimination. We want to shape this space together, so feel free to tell us about your ideas, your suggestions and wishes for your own events.
The living-room is open regularly each week alternating Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon, sometimes with more sometimes less program.
Open for all genders. Not barrier-free: three steps. For more information see @Zeitloseswohnzimmer.

Erlenstrasse 44
4058 Basel
Opening hours: Do: 19-ca 21h, Sa: ab 15h